Westech International, Inc. ICBM Training Device - Engineering Technician I (Malmstrom AFB) in Malmstrom AFB, Montana

Position Overview

WESTECH is a subcontractor Northrop Grumman on the Ground Subsystem Support Contract (GSSC), WESTECH responsible for supporting the ICBM trainers (both operations and maintenance) and the GMATS.


ICBM Training Device Engineering Technician I:

Maintains Air Force Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Missile Procedures Trainers (MPTs) and ICBM Maintenance Training devices. The Engineering Technician I applies basic technical knowledge to perform simple routine tasks under close supervision or from detailed procedures. Work is checked in progress or on completion. This person performs one or a combination of such typical duties as assembling or installing equipment or parts requiring simple wiring, soldering, or connecting; performing simple or routine tasks or tests such as tensile or hardness tests; operating and adjusting simple test equipment; records metric data; gathering and maintaining specified records of engineering metric data such as equipment and component performance and failure rates. This person works under close supervision receiving technical guidance from supervisor or higher-level technician. Work is checked frequently for accuracy. Troubleshoots and repairs missile training system electronics, electro-mechanical, and mechanical systems. Performs periodic preventative maintenance on the Minuteman Enhanced Procedures (MEP) Trainer, Missile Procedures Trainer (MPT), and maintenance trainers such as, the Power and Environmental Control System (ECS), Control Monitor Procedures Trainer (CMPT), and Ground Minuteman Automatic Test System (GMATS). Diagnoses and isolates malfunctions down to component level. Must be able to splice/terminate cables, wires, coaxial, Cat 5, in support of trainer repair actions. Responsible for the accurate inventory and storage of all equipment and property used to maintain the training systems and GMATS bench. Adheres to all electro-static discharge policies, instructions, and warnings. Instructs Air Force personnel on the proper operation and care of training systems and equipment they operate and interact with daily. Establishes and maintains a positive working rapport and learning environment with peers and Air Force personnel. Guidance is readily available from superiors. Works from technical manuals, schematics, diagrams, written and verbal descriptions, layouts, or defined plans to perform routine checkout, troubleshooting, and simple engineering tasks. Must possess excellent and highly professional customer service skills in interfacing with the customer as well as a high work ethic.


Must be able to lift at least 50 lbs and work in confined spaces and on hands and knees for periods of time.

Entry Level.Excludes trainees with no academic preparation or technical experience.**

EXPERIENCE and TRAINING: training equivalent to 2-years technical trade school or military technical school.

Preferable experienceincludes prior military experience in the Electromechanical Maintenance Team (EMT), Electronics Laboratory, (E-LAB), or Missile Mechanical Team (MMT) specialty career fields.

Must be fluent in both writing and speaking English and must be a US Citizen.

All employees are required to log/track their work time in WESTECH’s electronic timesheets at the end of each day.

Security Clearance: (Required/Mandatory) Top Secret.

Title: ICBM Training Device - Engineering Technician I (Malmstrom AFB)

Compensation & Benefits Overview: $13.57/hour Plus Benefits or Cash In Lieu of Benefits (CILOB), in accordance with the SCA, for those waiving some or all of the benefits offered.

City: Malmstrom AFB

State/Province: Montana [MT]